Rough Creek Baptist Church

founded 1834

(Information located in the Department of Library Special Collections, Folklore Archives,

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY)


*list dated 1900 but appears to be more than one list and earlier than 1900*

Name abt 1865-1900
Anderson, Dillard
x/by ltr. 1889/dis by ltr 10/29/1894
Anderson, James P.
x/excluded 12/1875
Anderson, Jas. P.
x/joined 3/12/1881/excluded 5/1893
Bell, Mary E.
Bond, L.F.
Bond, L.F.
x/by bapt. 1891
Carter, Sidney
x/by bapt. 1891
Carter, Sydnie
Dalton, Kenria(?)
x/dis 2/8/1879
Dalton, Martha
x/d. 6/1872
Dalton, Nancy C.
x/dis by ltr 5/16/1896
Duf, Warn
Duff, Bettie
Duke, Elizabeth
x/d. 7/2/1878
Duke, M.E.
Duke, M.E.
x/by bapt. 1891
Duke, Martha An
Duke, Mary
Duke, Mary Frances
x/joined 2/12/1876
Duke, Nancy
x/dis by ltr 1871
Duke, Nancy Ann
Duke, Nancy Ann
Duke, Nancy Catherine
x/joined 2/12/1876/dis by ltr
Duke, Robert
x/d. 1/16/1894
Duke, Sarah T.
x/joined 10/1882/dis
Duke, Sary F.
x/dis by ltr 8/15/1896
Duke, Tommy
Dukes, Thomas
Harget, Sarah S.
x/joined 11/1881/d. 11/2/1883
Hargret, A.W.
x/dis by ltr 1870
Hargret, Mary Ann
x/dis by ltr 1869
Harper, James
x/dis 9/2/1877
Harper, Sarah
x/dis 9/2/1877
Harper, W.D.
x/dis 2/1879
Hood, L.P.
x/joined 10/10/1881
Hood, Nancy
Hood, Nancy
x/joined 11/1883
Hood, Robert
Howel, Andrew
x/by bapt 1889/dis by ltr 5/1889
Huntsman, Healon
Huntsman, Hillen
x/by bapt. 1894
Huntsman, J.D.
Huntsman, J.D.
x/by bapt. 1894
Huntsman, Rebecah C.
Keen, A.W.
x/dis by ltr 9/10/1898
Keen, Asbery W.
x/joined by ltr 5/16/1886/dis by ltr 1898
Keen, E.J.
Keen, E.J.
x/by bapt. 1891/dis
Keen, H.C.
Keen, H.C.
x/by ltr 1893
Keen, Henrey W.
x/joined by ltr 1886/d. 2/26/1889
Keen, J.F.
Keen, J.F.
x/by ltr 1893
Keen, J.N.
Keen, James Wasington
Keen, M.J.
x/dis by ltr 11/12/1898
Keen, Martha x/dis by ltr 9/10/1898
Keen, Martha x/joined by ltr/dis by ltr 1898
Keen, Mary x
Keen, Mary x/by ltr 1893
Keen, Prudie x
Keen, Salie x/by ltr 1894/dead
Keen, Sally x/dead
Keen, W.D. x/dis by ltr 11/12/1898
Keen, William D. x/joined 10/1886
Kook(Cook?), E.G. x/dis by ltr 10/18/1875
Kook(Cook?), Susan Hester x/dis by ltr 10/18/1875
Lee (?), Sary x/died 1871
Magffia, Lois x/restored 10/1887
Magffia, Wrebecid(?) Lizabeth x/joined by ltr 1886
Maguffee, Sary Frances x/joined 2/12/1876/excluded 10/188?
Maguffia, Edeman x/dead
Maguffia, Elizabeth x
Maguffia, James Thomas x/joined 11/1881/excluded 1882
Maguffia, John Grene x/dis by ltr 10/24/1885
Maguffia, Louis x/joined 10/12/1876/excluded
Maguffia, Martha x/dis by ltr 10/24/1887
Maguffia, Marthia Susan x/joined 11/1881
Maguffia, Nacy Elizabeth x/d. 8/8/1880
Maguffia, Saria x/ by bapt. 1887/d. 6/2/1893
Maguffia, Sary Lizabeth x/joined 6/12/1885/dis by ltr 10/24/1885
Maguffia, Susan x
Maguffia, Thomas x/dead 1871
Mathis, Susan Alene(?) x
Mathis, Susan Carline x/excluded 8/1895
Mcguffee, Edman x
Mcguffee, Elizabeth x
Mcguffee, Louis x
Mcguffee, Martha S. x
Mcguffee, Susan x/d. 6/1/1900
Mcguffee, Suson K. x
Mcguffie, Susan K. x/by ltr 1893
Meador, Emely S. x/by ltr 1891
Meador, Eddie x
Meador, Emlie x
Meador, J. Sr x/joined 10/12/1878/dis by ltr 7/1890
Meador, J.S. x
Meador, J.S., Elder x/by ltr 1891
Merrin, C.J. x/by bapt. 10/1887/excluded 1/29/1889
Miers, J.W. x/by bapt. 1892/d. 5/28/1893
Mise(?), H.P. x/dis by ltr
Mise, Nancy x/d. 5/31/1882
Mitchel, Edward x/dis by ltr 1/24/1887
Mitchel, Frances x/dis by ltr 1/24/1887
Mitchel, Lovie Keen x/joined by ltr 1885/d. 7/1886 fourth Sunday
Myers, Mary Frances x
Pardue, Mary E. x/by ltr 1890/dis by ltr 2/1891
Pardue, Nacy x/by ltr 1890/dis by ltr 2/1891
Pitchford, John x/d. 1869
Robards, Martha Susan x/dis by ltr 5/1889
Robbard, Marthia S. x/by ltr 1/1891/dis by ltr
Robbets, H.P. x/restored 1/1890/dead
Roberds, Dolia Gain (?) x
Roberds, Elizabeth x/dead
Roberds, Gorge x/excluded 10/10/1880
Roberds, H.B. x/excluded 12/12 1875
Roberds, Martha E. x
Roberds, Mary Frances x/dis by ltr 5/1899
Roberds, Relickey(?) x/d. 6/28/1886
Roberts, Emer M. x/by bapt. 1893
Roberts, Emer P. x
Roberts, George x
Roberts, Gorge x/reenrolled 2/27/1888
Roberts, H.P. x/d. 1/8/1897
Roberts, J.H. x/joined by ltr
Roberts, M.J. x/by bapt. 1900
Roberts, Manera J. x
Roberts, Martha E. x
Roberts, Martha S. x/now Mayhew/dis by ltr 3/1899
Roberts, Mary F. x/joined by ltr
Roberts, Molie June x
Shelton, J.J. x/by bapt. 1889/dis by ltr 2/18/1893
Slaton, G.F. x/by bapt. 1888/dis by ltr 12/20/1890
Slaton, M.H. x/by bapt. 10/1888/dis by ltr 12/20/1890
Smith, G.M. x/dis by ltr 10/17/1895
Smith, Gorge x/joined by ltr 1884
Smith, Martha Ann x
Smith, Martha P. x/joined by ltr/died ??
Smith, Samanthia x/joined by ltr/d. 10/12/1890
Spears, Daniel W. x
Spears, Emley S. x/joined 6/12/1876/dis by ltr 6/1890
Spears, G.T. x
Spears, G.T. x
Spears, J.F. x/by bapt. 1889
Spears, J.H/A? x
Spears, J.M. x/by bapt. 1889
Spears, J.N. x
Spears, M.E. x
Spears, M.E. x/by bapt. 1894
Spears, M.J. x
Spears, M.J. x/by bapt. 1889
Spears, M.S. x
Spears, M.S. x/ by bapt.1889
Spears, Malissia x/dis by ltr 1873
Spears, Mary J. x/by bapt. 1893
Spears, Mary J. x
Spears, Melainia x
Spears, Melvina x
Spears, S.J. x
Spears, S.J. x/by bapt. 1894
Spears, Sarah E. x
Spears, Sery E. x
Spears, Thomson x/d. 6/19/1871
Spears, W.E. x
Spears, W.F. x
Spears, W.F. x/ by bapt. 10/1888
Spears, W.G. x/by bapt. 1892
Spears. J.N. x/by bapt. 1891
Stamps, P.H. x
Stamps, P.H. x/by ltr 1894
Trail, N.F. x/by ltr 189?
Trail, W.M. x/by ltr 1892
Tranret(?), Mary G. x/ joined by ltr 1884
Venable, John x
Venable, Sary Ann x/d. 1874