Written by Mildred Ackerman Jent - 1968


(5) John J. (Jackie) Goodrum was born in Virginia in 1794.  He was married to Marjorie Carruthers in Sumner Co., Tennessee.  They had five children.  His second wife was Eliza Ragsdale who bore him seven children.  His third wife was Mary Ann Cornwell and to this union six children were born - eighteen in all.  They were as follows:

Sarah J. Goodrum married Brins Pearson.
Martha Ann Goodrum married her first cousin, Bill Johnson.
James Read Goodrum married his first cousin, Eliza Goodrum.
Eliza Parmelia (Kitty) married her first cousin, Thomas Cooksey.
John Irvin Goodrum married (1) Eliza ?   (2) Nancy Madison.
          John I. had a daughter, Fanny, who married Dr. Neel.  He also had a son, Willis Goodrum who was a
          prominent tobacco dealer.
Ben C. Goodrum married Clara Dixon.
Mary F. married George W. Harmon.  They had one son, Briggs Harmon, who was the father of Hershel Harmon.
Nancy Goodrum married ?????
Susan Goodrum married  (1) Julius Moore,  (2)   ? Ayres.
Margaret Goodrum Goodrum married George William Tabor.
Andrew Jackson (Jack) did not marry.  He was admitted to a mental institution.
Patsy Ann Goodrum married William I, (Bill) Dearing.
Cinderilla (Rilla) Goodrum did not marry.
Thomas Jackson Goodrum was born July 26, 1848.  He was the 15th child of Jackie's by his 3rd wife - Mary Ann Cornwell. He married Drucilla W. Buckhanon.  they lived in a large house two miles north of Boyce, Kentucky. They reared a large family.  Among the family, Leppie Goodrum who married Cheet Lightfoot.  Their children were Pearl Lightfoot who married Lucille Smith and Opal who married Garvin Ayers.  They had one daughter,  Tabitha Nilen Ayers.  Homer Goodrum married Jeweell Goodrum, (a second cousin).  They had one daughter, Hazel Queen Goodrum who married Bill Travis.  Their son is Gary Dixon Travis.  Cleveland Goodrum married Mallie Morgan.  Their daughter, Hallene, who married Stanley Cole.  Their sons are Billy and Tommy Cole.
         Elizabeth Goodrum was the tenth child of Jackie Goodrum.  She married Riley Dodd.  Susan Dodd was their daughter.
         Berryman Goodrum died at the age of five.
         Joe R. (Big Joe) Goodrum did not marry.  He is buried beside his sister, Rilla.
         Lon D. Goodrum married late in life.
         John J. (Jackie) Goodrum's farm was in Allen County on Bays Fork Creek between Bailey and Halifax, Kentucky.
(7) Thomas Goldsmith Goodrum born July 15, 1802 was the youngest son of Bennette and Sarah (Garner) Goodrum.  It is said that handsome young Tom was visiting his older brother, John J. in Sumner County, Tennessee where he met a young lady who was visiting her brother there also.  The young lady Martha Mary Ann Freeman from Maury County, Tennessee.  they married and lived in Maury County.  Marth Mary Ann was from a wealthy family and soon Thomas Goldsmith and Martha Goodrum owned a large plantation south of Columbia, Tennessee and owned over fifty slaves. 

They had eleven children.The fifth child was Mary (Mollie) Goodrum.  On October 23, 1837, Mary Goodrum was married to Robert Maxwell.  They had three children:  Rosa,  Robert, and Solomon Maxwell.  Robert Maxwell, a farmer, enlisted in the Tennessee Confederacy, Regt. and six months later died in Indiana in a Yankee Prison Camp in March 1862.  His widow, Mary, was left with three children.  She taught school and boarded with Alfred Fleming's family.  He and his wife had nine children.  His wife Tirza died.  Mary married Alfred.  Then she and Alf had five children of their own making seventeen in all.  She was 33 years old and he was 66.

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