Located on the Richards Farm on the west side of Trammel Fork Creek, about 4-5 miles from the old Trammel Creek Post Office

Cook, Elvira, 1835-1905

Evans, Eliabeth T., Apr. 21, 1846-Aug. 28, 1870

Hinton, Fanny McElry, consort of John Hinton, July 16, 1822-Dec. 3, 1863. "Leaving a husband, four sons and four daughters to lament her loss"

McElroy, George B., Apr. 8, 1825-Co. F. KY. Vol. Inft, wounded June 2, 1863 in Battle of Stone River, died 7 of smae mo.

McElroy, William B., June 10, 1802-Oct 16, 1869. "Left a bereaved wife and 4 sons and a daughter to mourn the loss of the deceased"

McElroy, B.L., Dec. 24, 1829-Feb. 19, 1894 "Gone but not forgotten"

Williams, Clairgy, Died Aug. 1891, age about 100 years.

Wright, Rachel, Died 1881, age about 46

*There are 21 graves without markers*