Allen County Kentucky

Deed Book B 1815-1819


The following abstracted documents from Deed Book B, located in the Register of Deeds Office of the Allen County KY Courthouse, appear to be unscathed from the 1902 Courthouse fire. The book is available for viewing but is photocopied from the original which is in storage. It appears the documents were recopied at some point from the original court documents as they are not in chronological order, and were possibly recorded at the date of being presented in court. All efforts have been made to preserve the original spellings. Personal comments are noted in ( ). Illegible writting is noted by ???. The original index from the back of Deed Book B is incomplete, and I have included corrections in the index presented here. This book includes Land Deeds, Deeds of Trust (mortgages), Deeds of Gift, Power of Attorney, Dispositions, and Relinquishment of Dower.

The County Court Clerks Office/Register of Deeds will not process phone or written requests.

These abstracts are provided for your personal and non-profit research and may not be used for publication, for-profit purposes, or personal gain.

Copyright © 2002 Sharon Tabor
Grantor (seller) Index
Grantee (buyer) Index
Pages 001-049
Pages 050-099
Pages 100-149
Pages 150-199
Pages 200-249
Pages 250-299
Pages 300-349
Pages 350-399
Pages 400-449
Pages 450-515

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