Joe Cockrill and Gertie White January 3
  Clifford M. Jones and Ollie Belle Spears January 4
  Frances M. Howell and Rumina Craft January 4
  Green Lee Washington Richards and Jewell Kirby January 5
  Virgil Allen Burnley and Ruby Lilliam Duke January 11
  Frank H. Morehead and Etta Stovall January 18
  J. Wilson Stinson and Fannie Meadow January 22
  Harrison Hudson and Ruth Wallace January 28
  William F. Payne and Ollie Padgett February 9
  Benjamin Thomas Williams and Lucy Anne Weaver February 12
  Herbert C. Smith and Willie Wade February 14
  Vanson Wood and Nola Lane February 14
  Manuel Clinton Cooksey and Ida L. Eaton February 14
  Reason E. Kennedy and Ella Hinton February 19
  Eliot Porter Calvert and Bertha Cline February 22
  John A. Dunn and Verdie Belle Wilson February 26
  Jack Evans Wilson and Veola Effie Jones March 1
  E.H. Stinson and Mila Temples March 18
  Harrison Pipkin and Susie Kirby March 19
  John Weaver and Lena Wallace March 25
  John William Shelton and Nettie Carter March 29
  N.S. Shaw and Iva Holland March 29
  Perry A. Duke and Lou Jane Hughes April 26
  Tom S. Starks and Goldie Lee Heeter April 26
  Bud Pitchford and Alice Meador May 3
  Dan Hill and Jimmie Dixon Hill May 23
  Clyde S. Barton and Ethel Williams May 24
  Ad Reynolds and Lizzie Spears May 31
  Walter Raleigh Hancock and Golie Ramsey May 31
  Leonard M. Petty and Lockie Augusta Tinsley June 6
  William Claude Barger and Gertie S. Dalton June 7
  Harrison Linville and Rosa Witcher June 12
  Malcum Browder Williams and Martha E. Napier June 28
  Jesse Thomas Hughes and Tula Yates June 28
  Edgar Swoope Ballentine, Jr. and Mary Louise Myers June 29
  Isaac N. Bridgman and Effie E. Powers June 30
  William Fletcher Spears andOra Wheeler July 1
  Henry Frank Shelton and Myrtie May Hammer July 2
  Henry Frank Shelton and Myrtie May Hammer (2nd Entry) July 2
  James Frank Denton and Mona Milton Train July 12
  Andrew H. Gentry and Willie A. Evans July 14
  John William Huntsman and Tammy Tuttle Troutt July 18
  J. Benjamin Killman and Alice J. Whittimore July 24
  Sampson Richey and Lela Landers July 25
  Will Harris and Georgia Hoover Hoffman July 28
  Vernie N. Douglas and Velva Taylor August 2
  Edgar L. Richey and Lillie M. Franklin August 13
  Willie P. Petty and Genie Foster August 15
  Garland Calvert and Dovie Mantlo Coats August 17
  Arthur Simmons and Vadie Richey August 22
  David Anderson and Lucy Adams August 22
  John D. Dodson and Cora May Guy September 3
  Lon Emery and Cora Belle Rush September 11
  Elwood Fant and Ruth Dodson September 12
  Napoleon L. Centers and Ida May Laine September 16
  Fred M. Stinson and Harriett C. Hicks September 22
  Carl Dee Buster and Hessie Taylor Pitcock September 23
  Burton Lewis and Maggie Spurlock September 25
  Henry Russell Miller and Mary Moore McReynolds September 30
  Alexander Holmes Dorsey and Mary Shelby Crowe October 1
  George Frances Brown and Ora Thomas Carter October 3
  Leslie Huntsman and Vernie Austin October 11
  John Wesley Hunt and Lillie Lynn October 23
  Logan M. Weaver and Mayme A. Thomas October 28
  Hugh L. Grooms and Laura Downing October 28
  Tibbis Cecil Hilburn and Myrtle Jessie Lemon October 29
  Hosea Edward Sullivan and Dovie Lucy Mitchell November 8
  Carlis F. Trammel and Alsey Forshee November 9
  Curtis Cook and Jimmie Gardner November 15
  James Henry Bradley and Clyde Cox November 29
  George Taylor Myers and Pernie Jane Napier December 2
  J.N. Barker and Zula Hilman December 3
  Hubert Wilmore and Hautie Minnix December 6
  Ernest Young and Mamie C. Dunn December 15
  Harry V. Austin and Edna M. Downing December 16
  Hubert William Tabor and Vula Cassaday December 20
  Walter Clarence Douglas and Magie Jones December 20
  Malon Oliver and Quilla Conner December 20
  Eddir McReynolds and Mollie Slone December 23
  Burnard B. Houchens and Lucy Ellen Steenbergen December 23
  Noel Davis Creasy and Mary Fletcher Harris December 24
  Green Johnson and Annie L. Farmer December 24
  Ed Kingrey and Bertha May Mason December 24
  Crit Whitney and Livie Vontreese December 24
  Roy R. Richey and Elizabeth Hinton December 30