ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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FERRELL, Charles Sept term 1831 Wife: Saral FERRILL. Son: Gabriel FERRILL

FINN, William Apr 2, 1860 / Jan 15, 1863 Wife: Celia. Daughters: Milly Caroline, Emily Celia, Louiza Jane, Sally A., Milly C. Nancy M. Polly CLINE (no relationship given)

FISHBACK, Sarah Oct 28, 1848 / Dec 11, 1848 Sisters: Elizabeth MOREHEAD (dec'd), Mary CLAYPOOL

FISHER, Thomas Mar 9, 1875/Apr 13, 1875 Wife: Matilda FISHER.

FITZPATRICK, William Feb 18, 1853/Sept 14, 1863 Wife: Dolly FITZPATRICK. (...coming to her in VA from the estate of John MILTON and William COLEMAN, dec'd). Dau: Polly ALLEN, Dolly NAPIER, Amand William BROWN, Daughter-in-law: Frances Jane FITZPATRICK. Sister: Frances WITT of Nelson Co, VA. Children: John N. FITZPATRICK, A.L.M. FITZPATRICK, Eliza Ann Diddle COWDEN. Grandsons: William F. PITCHFORD, William F. NAPIER, William F. BROWN.

FORTUNE, Elisha May 12, 1859/Jan 15, 1863 Son: James V. FORTUNE,George W. FORTUNE. Dau: Eliza WOODS wife of Willis WOODS

FOSTER, Joseph Oct 1828 estate ordered appraised

FOSTER, Rachel Apr 28, 1890/Mar 1892 Sister: Mary "Polly" FIKES, Rebecca MAYHEW. Hattie FOSTER daughter of Andrew FOSTER, dec'd. George Will FOLLIS. Nephew: H. MAYHEW.

FRANCES, John H. July 16, 1898/Sept 2, 1898 Wife: Nancy M. FRANCES. Son: George Francis. Daus: Delia DIXON, Laura HOWSER, Cora MEREDITH, Sarah M. HARLAN, Minnie B. FRANCIS.

FROST, Eli Nov 11, 1865 / Dec 11, 1865 Wife: Catherine. Children: Nancy E. FROST, John S. FROST, Tobitha FROST, William E. FROST, Jane C. FROST. Joseph R. WATKINS, husband of daughter Sarah FROST. Grandchildren: Eliza J. HUTCHESON, John R. WATKINS, Sarah C. WATKINS.