ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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GAINS, John F., Aug 24, 1845/Sept 8, 1845 Family mentioned but not named.

GARRISON, David Rise (Dentist), May 17, 1898/ July 11, 1898 Sister: Sarah C. GARRISON. James M. GARRISON. Brother: Thomas C. GARRISON. Mrs. Caturah GARRISON.

GARRISON, Eli D., Dec 2 (burned)/Aug 18, 19(burned) Wife: Lucinda GARRISON. Two Dau: Katurah GARRISON. Elphidelia GARRISON wife of J.R. GARRISON son-in-law. Lester named but no last name or relationship mentioned.

GATEWOOD, Fletcher Jan 25, 1871/Mar 1871 Wife: Polly GATEWOOD. Son: Hartwell F., Jno.J. GATEWOOD. Dau: Mary F., Harriett. Other children mentioned but not named.

GATTON, Carlton R. Feb 22, 1831/no date Father: Thomas GATTON.

GLASSCOCK, W.W., Apr 13, 1888/No Date Son: Spencer Jackson GLASSCOCK

GODLEY, Jessee S. Oct 13, 1871 / Jan 13, 1873 Wife: Mary

GODLEY, John Dec term 1826

GOODMAN, Drucilla Jan 15, 1847 / Feb 8, 1847 Daughters: Lucinda GOODMAN, wife of Jacob GOODMAN; Martha AUSTIN, wife of William AUSTIN; Celia GOODMAN, Augusta A. GOODMAN. Sons: Jesse GOODMAN, Lowry B. GOODMAN

GOODRUM, A.W. Aug 10, 1896 / Sept 14, 1896 Wife: Amanda H. Children: Jessie W. BUCHANNON, Mamie A.H. GOODRUM, Una D. GOODRUM, Jimie GOODRUM, N(burned) GOODRUM.

GOODRUM, John J. Oct 1, 1860 / Apr 10, 1865 Wife: Mary Ann. Sons: Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Jos. R. Underwood, Lon Hinton, James R. GOODRUM. Daughters: Margaret, Elizabeth Ann, Cinderella (Wm TABOR appointed her guardian). Other children not named.

GOODRUM, Mary Dec 6, 1899/Mar 12, 1900 Patsy Ann DEARING, J.T. GOODRUM, J.R. GOODRUM, Sidney Rilley (Cinderella) GOODRUM, L.B. GOODRUM.

GOOSETREE, Watson Nov 2, 1872 / Sept 1873 Wife: Martha. Five youngest children: Robert William, Oliver, Dewvall, George Washington, Sarah Catherine GOOSETREE. Granddaughter: Mary Tennesse RAMSEY, daughter of Manerva J. GOOSETREE.

GRAVES, Andrew, (burned) 11, 1880/No date Wife: Loueza GRAVES. Son: Joe GRAVES.

GREGORY, Thomas J., Sept 7, 1883(Recorded in Macon Co, TN, Book H, Pgs 341-344)/Sept 13, 1883(Recorded Allen Co, KY)

GRIFFIN, Elijah C. Sept 6, 1879/Feb 9, 1880 Brother: James M. GRIFFIN, Charles R. GRIFFIN.

GROCE, William H. No date/Apr 30, 1886 Joseph GROCE (no relationship given)

GUY, John E. Aug 20, 1860/Sept 1860 Brother: Benjamin A. GUY. Miss Janie STAMPS. Mrs. Ruth WILLIAMS. Sister: Rebecca WALKER, S.N. WILSON.