ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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HAINES, Christopher May 23, 1835 / July 20, 1842 Wife: Talitha. Sons: Christopher HAINES, Samuel HAINES, John HAINES. Daughters: Polly RITCHEY, Mildred McGUIRE, Sally PIPPIN, Talitha SANDERS, Martha BORDERS, Chrisey ASHFORD. Grandson: Francis Ma(burned) HAINES.

HAINES, Malinda no date/ Nov 11, 1867 Daughter: Martha Jane HAINES,. Son: John Preston HAINES.

HAINS, Talitha Aug 13, 1851 / Jan 11, 1853 Daughter: Milly MCGUIRE. Servant Alexander.

HAMMETT, James M. Sept 12, 1893/Feb 8, 1897 Clarence WHITNEY. Charlie WHITNEY son of Robert WHITNEY. ( no relationships given) Dau: Frances Angeline WHITNEY wife of Robert WHITNEY.

HAMMOND, Reubin W., Apr 30, 1849/May 14, 1849 Wife: mentioned but not named. Her son: James William. Brother: Vincent M. HAMMOND. Daughter mentioned but not named.

HARMON, Abel No date/May 9, 1870 Wife: Eliza HARMON. Dau: Permelia JOHNSON. Other daughters mentioned but not named. Son: James W. HARMON, John Irving HARMON.

HARMON, Lucy Ann, Jan 15, 1887/June 9, 1890 Brother: John I. HARMON.

HARRELL, J.C., Jan 2, 1884/Apr 14, 1890 Wife: Lucinda M. HARRELL. Dau: Julia CHANEY. Other heirs mentioned but not named.

HARRIS, David Jan 18, 1853/Oct 11, 1853 Wife: Susan HARRIS. Her heirs.

HARRIS, David Oct 8, 1842 / Dec 12, 1842 Wife: (mentioned but not named). Sons: Amos HARRIS, Joe Hardy HARRIS, Soloman Henry HARRIS. Daughters: Martha POPE, Rebecca POPE. Grandsons: Henry Fletcher LYSLES, William LYSLES.

HARRISON, Thomas L. July 16, 1878/Aug 8, 1892 Brother: James V. HARRISON.

HATLER, Samuel May 2, 1844 / June 1844 Wife: Margarett. Children: Mary Ann HATLER, Alford HATLER, Elizabeth HATLER, Barbary Catherine HATLER.

HAYNE, Ann Eliza, Oct 14, 1885/Dec 14, 1885 Son: Charles T. HAYNE, Samuel L. HAYNE. Dau: Jane GOODBREAD wife of John GOODBREAD, Sally MOTLEY wife of Mathy MOTLEY.

HEETER, George Mar 11, 1841/June 1843 Wife: Charlotte HEETER. Five Children: Seboston HEETER, Tighman HEETER, Charlotte HEETER, Jane GRIGGS . Other Children: John HEETER, George HEETER, Jr., Frederick HEETER, Elizabeth ROBERTS, Mary PORTER, Catharine PORTER. Son-in-law: Augustus GRIGGS.

HEETER, Sebostin Sept 25, 1882 / July 9, 1888 Wife: Lucinda. Daughter: Amanda A WALKER

HENDERSON, C.B. Apr 26, 1885/Nov 9, 1891 Son: L.E. HENDERSON. Dau: Louisa B. MOTLEY. Granddaughter: Flowry HENDERSON.

HENLEY, George William Mar 17, 1894/Apr 1894, Sister: Emma Lou WHEELER.

HICKERSON, Alladin Apr 25, 1857 / May 14, 1866 Wife: Mary. Brothers: John HICKERSON, William HICKERSON, Leonard HICKERSON, Warren HICKERSON, Jefferson HICKERSON, Jackson HICKERSON.

HICKMAN, Jesse L. Oct 30, 1843 / Sept 9, 1850 Wife: Mary Ann. Children: Nancy ATWOOD, Anthony Griffin HICKMAN, Rebecca DRY, Polly HICKMAN, Elizabeth DRY, Lucinda HICKMAN, John HICKMAN, Frances Ann ATWOOD. Granddaughter: Eliza Ann RAILEY.

HICKMAN, Polly Mar 2, 1901/Dec 9, 1901 Nephew: Benjamin JOHNSON, W.C. JOHNSON, Hops JOHNSON. Niece: Milly J. OLIVER. Elman OLIVER. Sister-in-law: Tempy HICKMAN.

HICKMAN, R.W. No date/ Jan 13, 1902 Dau: Mary E. DAVIS Son: Charley B. HICKMAN

HILL, Allen July 20, 1834/Sept term 1834 Wife: Ann HILL. Children: Eliza HILL, Elizabeth HILL, Sary Ann HILL, Allen HILL.

HILL, Isaac Sept 9, 1843/Oct 1843 Wife and heirs mentioned but not named.

HILL, John Sept 7, 1849 / Oct 11, 1853 Wife: Sintha. Children: Sintha JERTON (?), Tabitha TINSLY, Louisy MAYHEW, Alcy CLINE, John W. HILL, Jame H (burned)

HINTON, Elijah May 21, 1855 / Aug 1855 Wife: Mary M. Three Children: Bennett HINTON, H.W. HINTON, Elizabeth M. BLANKENSHIP.

HINTON, J.T. June 27, 1890/Mar 9, 1891 Wife: Sarah E. HINTON. Seven Children: Virginia E. HINTON, Jeremiah W. HINTON, Lucy B. HINTON, Alvey J. HINTON, Jeremiah H. HINTON, Martha F. HINTON, July L.T. HINTON.

HINTON, Malichi Nov 21, 1855 / Jan 1856 Polly WILLIAMS, Sally HINTON, Elizabeth HINTON (no relationship given) John G. RAILY (minor bound to Malichi)

HINTON, Moore Apr 11, 1832/June 1832 Wife: Tempy HINTON. Children: Martha,John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Eliza Jane, William Green

HINTON, Walker June 6, 1860/Aug 1860 Wife: Mary HINTON. Children: Mary R., Alfred P., Melindy J. HINTON, Emery P. HINTON. Other children mentioned but not named.

HINTON, William Perry Feb 25, 1902 / Apr 4, 1902 Wife: Elizabeth Catherine. Son: M.P. HINTON. Daughter: Druscilla Jane WYGAN. Daughter: Mary Cornelia (Camelia) McREYNOLDS, her children Stella GOODRUM, John Rory McREYNOLDS, Bertha McREYNOLDS, Olie McREYNOLDS. Brothers: Alfred Taylor HINTON, Wesley Walker HINTON

HOLDER, Agnes Ann, Oct 30, 1884/July 14, 1890 Agness Eveline HOLDER wife of John HOLDER & daughter of niece Sallie B. PITCHFORD wife of T.D. PITCHFORD. William Theodore PITCHFORD, Mary Susan PITCHFORD, Sarah Jane PITCHFORD, James Samuel PITCHFORD children of niece Sally B. PITCHFORD. Brother: James G. WHITNEY, Uriah T. WHITNEY. Nephew: Thomas M. FOSTER.

HOLDER, William July 2, 1831/Jan 1832 Wife: not named. Children: Emaline WADE, Sinthy WHITNEY, John HOLDER, Edward HOLDER.

HOLLAND, Ellender Frances June 16, 1848/Nov 13, 1848 Mother: Ellender BREEDLOVE. Husband: Walker D. HOLLAND.

HOLLAND, Major W. Sept term 1831 Wife: Elizabeth HOLLAND. Children mentioned but not named

HOLLAND, Nancy J. Aug 12, 1874/June 14, 1875 Sons: Smith HOLLAND, James Woodford HOLLAND.

HOLLAND, Walker D Aug 16, 1898 / May 8, 1899 Wife: Sophia C.

HOLLAND, William May 14, 1863/Oct 1864 . Nancy (wife?) Sons: Smith HOLLAND, James Woodford HOLLAND, Gilbert HOLLAND.

HOOD, James Feb 23, 1828/Mar 17, 1828 Wife: Mary. Son: James. (wife to keep my two children): Rebeccah, James. Children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Tucker, Dolly, Pleasant, George ( their mother my first wife)

HOOD, Pleasant J. July 31, 1865/Sept 11, 1865 Wife:mentioned but not named. Sons: John J., Samuel T.P. HOOD, William H. HOOD, Thomas J. HOOD, Sidney R. HOOD Daus: Nancy (burned), Mary E., Matilda F.F.

HOPSON, Elizabeth Aug 6, 1846/Aug 1849 Elisabeth DODD, Elizabeth REESE, William ROBERTS,son of William P. ROBERTS; Alonzo D. ROBERTS of Andinus ROBERTS. (no relationships given) Deceased husband Zachariah HOPSON.

HOUSE, William Sept 15, 1875 / Mar 1880 Son: B.C. HOUSE. Daughter: Lydia MENG.

HOWARD, Spotwood Jan 7, 1880 Daughters: N.E. HOWARD, L.F. HOWARD

HOWELL, Raleigh Mar term 1834 Wife: Sally.

HUGHES, Katie/Cany Sept 2, 1885/Nov 9, 1885 Lugen SIMMONS son of Mariah SIMMONS (no relationship given). Grandchildren: William Follis HUGHES, Elizabeth Crittenden HUGHES.

HUGHES, Richardson Oct 20, 1828 Wife: Elizabeth HUGHES.

HUGHES, T.R., Aug 26, 1891/Nov 14, 1898 Wife: Nan(burned) HUGHES. Dau: Elizabeth DENTON, (burned) THOMPSON. Daughter-in-law: S.R. HUGHES. Son: William P. HUGHES, J.M. HUGHES, H.C. HUGHES. Granddaughters: Eliza Pearl DOWNING, Bu(burned) Thompson FRANCIS, children of dec'd daughter Belvidred FRANKLIN.

HUNTSMAN, Henry Feb 29, 1859/Mar 1859 Wife: mentioned but no named. Son: Henry M. HUNTSMAN, Peter. Implication of other children, but none others named.

HUNTSMAN, Peter Oct 7, 1890/Oct 9, 1894 Wife: Susan HUNTSMAN. Her children mentioned but not named. My children mentioned but not named.