ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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JACKSON, Benjamin June 14, 1876/Feb 9, 1880 Son: John W. JACKSON, James J. JACKSON, Dau: Louisa RUSSELL wife of John RUSSELL. Ewing JACKSON son of (burned) James JACKSON dec'd. Walery E. CAMEL(burned) dec'd. Dau: Sarah A. JACKSON. Frederick M. JACKSON. Heirs of Benjamin JACKSON. Children of sons John W. and James J. JACKSON dec'd.

JACKSON, Samuel Feb 7, 1883 / Mar 14, 1887 Wife: Elviry A. Children: Thomas W., James J. (dec'd), William L., George H., Emily E. TILLEY, Nancy A. MIFFLIN, Sarah L. GENT, Lucy M. HOLLOWAY, Samuel M. JACKSON, N.B. Grandchild: Edward E., John F., Nora V. JACKSON, children of James J.

JACKSON, William A. No date. Alvi JACKSON administrator.

JACKSON, Willis July 17, 1884/Dec 13, 1886 Dau: Eliza SEWARD, Martha E. LIGHTFOOT.

JAMESON, James A. July 16, 1863 / Aug 1864 Wife: Narcissa. Children: Mary Ellen, Emily Elzira.

JENNINGS, Mary Dec 1831 Granddaughter: Susannah HUGHES, Martha HUGHES.

JOHNSON, Henderson Apr 19, 1869/May 11, 1868 Wife: Nancy C. JOHNSON. Our children: Henrietta, Sarah HAWKINS, Margaret Emma, William Washington JOHNSON. Nancy Ellen JOHNSON and Delilah Bell JOHNSON youngest child by my first wife. Mary E. COOK, Amanda Jane STEWART( no relationship given). Other children implied but not given.

JOHNSON, Henry Aug 23, 1850/Nov 11, 1850 Sons: Perry, Wilson( or William), Henderson, Berry.Daus: Sally, Susan, Nancy Jane.

JOHNSON, Matthew Jan 27, 1852 / Sept 9, 1867 Elizabeth Sons: Woodson V. JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, Matthew JOHNSON. Daughters: Mary SEARS, Elizabeth HUGHES, Nancy JOHNSON.

JOHNSON, Nancy Oct 6, 1873 Sister: Margaret STEPHENS

JONES, Abraham M., May 17, 1866/Aug 1, 1866 Wife: Sarah Ann JONES. Son: Ealy O. JONES.

JONES, Jonathan Mar 16, 1858 / May 1858 Wife: Serena JONES. (her and my children). Children: Mary Susan POPE, Jos. A. JONES, William P. JONES, James T. JONES, Bennett H. JONES.

JONES, Mary Apr 22, 1899/Jan 8, 1900 Brother: L.E. JOHNSON, Sr. Brother's son: Thomas W. JOHNSON.

JONES, McClelland/Macklelan Feb 21, 1875/Mar 30, 1875 Wife: Liza JONES. Liza's two oldest children: Rebecca, Margaret Isabella.

JONES, William N., Nov 5, 1889/Setp 11, 1893 Son: W.T. JONES, J.R. JONES, I.H. JONES. Wife mentioned but not named.

JUSTICE, B.H. Sept 14, 1896/July 14, 1902 Sister: Lucinda JUSTICE. Clarinda WILSON, wife of Clinton WILSON (no relationship given) T.P. KELLEY (no relationship given.) Brother: Alford JUSTICE, or his three children. Sarah Jane STRINGER, Icy Anne YATES wife of Bud YATES (no relationships given). George GRAVES three daughters, sister Leahty's children.

JUSTICE, Jarrett Nov 18, 1835/Nov 11, 1844 Wife: Bethany. Children mentioned but not given.

JUSTICE, John W., Mar 22, 1893/May 8, 1893 Wife: Mahala JUSTICE. W.M. DBERY and Nancy Turne PERRY ( no relationships given)

JUSTICE, Joseph P., Sept 30, 1896/Mar 14, 1898 Friend: Wallace M. DeBERRY.

JUSTICE, Posey W. Aug 12, 1893/Apr 9, 1900 Dau: Lemuel Jane DODSON wife of J.P. DODSON. Six of her children: Mary A. DODSON, Alice G. DODSON, Pierce(?) W. DODSON, Marvin DODSON, Nanny DODSON, Carlisle DODSON. Only son: Alex W. JUSTICE. Dau: M.E. GUY wife of C.J. GUY