ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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MABRY, Ephraim Aug 13, 1878/ Nov 11, 1878 Wife: Malinda MABRY. Heirs: James W. MABRY, WIlliam C. MABRY, F.C. MABRY, Basham W. MABRY, Susan MABRY.

MABRY, Sarah R. Jan 27, 18(burned)/Apr 13, 1896 Sons: James L., Wm. T., Robert L. MABRY, Francis P. MABRY. Dau: Mary E. MABRY, Delana F. SICO, Hattie T. MABRY.

MALLORY, A.J. June 4, 1894/July 9, 1894 Wife: Mamie B. MALLORY. Children mentioned but not named.

MANION, Elizabeth J., July 16, 1891/May 9, 1892 Widow of T.MANION. Dau: C.H. MANION, Camila J. BRILEY, Catherine H. MANION, Magarert DOWNING dec'd, E.J. MITCHELL Son: John T. MANION. Granddau: Mamy/Marny ALEXANDER.

MANION, Thompson, May 4, 1888/Sept 10, 1888 Wife: E.J. MANION. Dau: Camila J. BRILEY, E.Jane MITCHELL, Margrett E. DOWNING & her four children William ,Tempie, Matilda F. DEWITT, Flora C. DOWNING; Nancy E. (burned) dec'd her daughter (burned) Marina(?); Mattie W. MANION, Catherin H. MANION. Son: John T. MANION. Grandson: Thompson MITCHELL

MANNION, Pheraba Apr 23, 1858/Sept 1864 Dau: Tabitha CARUTH Seven Children: Edy NEWMAN, Ruth HALL, Austin B. MANION, Thompson MANION, Pheraba HUGHES, Frances FLIPPIN, Mary A. STRU(burned).

MANSFIELD, Martha R. July 31, 1877/July 19, 1880 Son: M.C. MANSFIELD.

MANSFIELD, Mary T., Feb 29, 1886/Apr 12, 1886 Dau: Fannie B., Lizzie, Rosaline. Son: William A. MANSFIELD.

MARCRUM, Peter Oct 28, 1860 / Dec 1860 Wife: Susan. Children: Elizabeth, Mary, Emeline, William C., George, Arminter.

MARSH, Joseph May 25, 1886 / Feb 14, 1887 Son: Nathan MARSH

MARTIN, Edward No date

MARTIN, Elizabeth June 8, 1876/Nov 12, 1877 Husband: James W. MARTIN, dec'd. Dau: S.P. SMITH wife of D.W.C. SMITH. Other children mentioned but not named.

MARTIN, Pleasant M. May 7, 1856/Feb 1857 Wife: Reb(burned). Children: Virginia, Nancy M., Elizabeth. Son: Ralph J. MARTIN. Other Children: John P. MARTIN, Mary J. WAGNER, Martha M. HARRIS, Lucy O. McREYNOLDS, George W. MARTIN's heirs.

MAYHEW, Alexander May 1846/July 1855 Son-in-law: David WALKER, Thomas K. OXFORD, Thomas KENNEDY. Son: James MAYHEW, John MAYHEW, Reason MAYHEW, Moses MAYHEW, William MAYHEW.

MAYHEW, James C., No date/ Sept 12, 1881 Wife: Frances MAYHEW. Ten Children: P.A.C. MAYHEW dec'd,William C. MAYHEW, Reason A. MAYHEW, G.E. MAYHEW, Elizabeth WADE, Taylor MAYHEW, J(burned) TAYLOR, Sidney KENNEDY, J.P. MAYHEW, Texas MAYHEW, Nancy MAYHEW.

MAYHEW, Justice Sept 26, 1872/Oct 5, 1872 Son: Alfred W. MAYHEW, Calvin MAYHEW. Grandchildren: Milly F. SPANN, Martha N. SPANN, Alfred D. SPANN, William J. SPANN, Sampson ROBERTS, Milly ROBERTS, Mary H. ROBERTS. Balance of children mentioned but not named.

McALTIONER, Elmer no date / Dec 13, 1875 Son: William T. McALTIONER.

McCLARY, Robert Dec 4, 1853 / Nov 13, 1854 Daughters: Elizabeth wife of Phillip MAYBERRY; Susan DAVIS, Nancy McCLARY, Emily DUFFER, Martha BROWN, Mary BEHELER. Son: John McCLARY, Daniel McCLARY Grandson: Robert S. DAVIS. Son-in-law Jesse R. BROWN.

McCLURG, James May 13, 1810/Sept 14, 1848 Wife: mentioned but not named. ( wife deceased in codicil of May 8, 1817). John WICKHAM, James BRACKENRIDGE (no relationship given) Slaves: Lucy & her son Moses; Bett, Milford, Kate & her son Peter; Giles.

McELROY, Alfred Nov 1897/Feb 1898 Son: William M. McELROY, S.B. McELROY. Dau: Mary C. McELROY, Louize J. FRYER wife of W.R. FRYER

McELROY, George B. Aug 8, 1862 / Mar 1863 Brothers: Nathan D. McELROY, Francis M. McELROY, Barney L. McELROY, Henry C. McELROY. Father: William B. McELROY. Mother: Lydia McELROY. Sister: Sarah W. McELROY.

McELROY, James Aug 4, 1849 / Nov 12, 1849 Wife and children mentioned but not named.

McELROY, James, Sr., Sept 4, 1838/May 8, 1848 Son: James McELROY, William B. McELROY. Children: Ruth WILLIAMS, Sally THOMPSON, Caswell McELROY, Samuel McELROY, Foster McELROY, Alfred McELROY, James McELROY

MEADOR, William E. Dec 30(burned)/Mar 10, 1879 Wife: Mati(burned) E. MEADOR. Children mentioned but not named.

MEREDITH, Armistead June 12, 1860 / Aug 1860 Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: James R. MEREDITH, Jesse E. MEREDITH (infant), Joseph MEREDITH(infant), Sydney W. MEREDITH, David A. MEREDITH, William C. MEREDITH Daughters: Martha Jane DIVINE, Mary Ann TABER, Nancy MOTLEY, Sarah Ann MEREDITH. Mother of wife: Patsy WEAVER.

MEREDITH, Sidney W., Jan 15, 1898/Feb 14, 1898 Wife: Elizabeth. Son: James Ewing. Eight children mentioned.

MEREDITH, Theodorick A. Aug 20, 1860 / Dec 1863 Wife: Elizabeth. Daughter: Elizabeth LYNN, Katharine VENIBLE (dec'd)heirs: Clarinda VENIBLE, Jackson VENIBLE. Daughters: Sally COCKRILL, Manda MEREDITH, Lucinda MEREDITH. Sons: Younger MEREDITH, John E. MEREDITH. Wifes children: Everline Frances OLIVER, Jesse OLIVER.

MILLER, William Feb 24, 1859/ Apr 8, 1872 Wife: Eliza. Children: William, Jacob, John, Christy, Martha, Mary , Alcana MILLER. William HEATH & wife Sarah.

MITCHELL, George Mar 28, 1885/Sept 14, 1885 Wife: Nancy A. MITCHELL Son: William E. MITCHELL. George (mentioned but no relationship given)

MITCHELL, William Dec 30, 1857 / Jan 1858 Brother: George MITCHELL.

MITCHELL, Willis, Sr Aug 31, 1840/Sept 1860 Wife: mentioned but not named. Sons: Thomas MITCHELL, Henry S. MITCHELL, Richard MITCHELL's heirs, William MITCHELL. Daus: Jane WILLIAMS, Nancy SUTTON.

MOORE, James W. Sept 29, 1863 / Apr 1864 Wife and her child mentioned but not named. Sons: Sampson, Willis, Edwin, John, Henry. Daughter: Elizabeth BRUNSON.

MOORE, James W. Sept 29, 1863/Apr 1864 Wife: mentioned but not named. Sons: Sampson, Willis, Edwin, John, Henry, Dau: Elizabeth BRUNSON, Martha MARTIN.

MOREHEAD, Elizabeth Sept 22, 1832/Oct 1834 Brothers & Sisters: Jeremiah STARK, Festus STARK, John William STARK, Mary GODLEY, Lucy STARK, Emand STARK.

MOREHEAD, Mary C. Nov 1, 1883 / Dec 10, 1888 Daughter: Lucy B. MOREHEAD. Son: Jas. C. STEPHENS (dec'd) his children Zulah and Eunice STEPHENS.

MOREHEAD, Thomas J., Dec 1, 1892/Jan 9, 1893 Granddau: Eunice & Zula STEVENS.

MORGAN, Simon L. May 15, 1873/Dec 8, 1873 Wife: Ann C. MORGAN

MORRIS, Millisin, Mrs., Apr 1828

MOTLEY, Amasiah Apr 15, 1866 / May 7, 1866 Sister: Elizabeth T. MOTLEY. Brother: Erasmus P. MOTLEY

MOTLEY, Henry June 10, 1852 / Oct 11, 1852 Wife: Mary. Sons: Henry W. MOTLEY, Matthew J. MOTLEY, John A. MOTLEY,. Daughter: Nancy S. MOTLEY, Ann CROWDER, Elizabeth GOODNIGHT, Martha MOTLEY, Catherine MOTLEY, Penelope MOTLEY, Mary MOTLEY

MOTLEY, James E. May 2, 1895 / Aug 12, 1895 Wife: Rebecky E. Sons: F.H., J.E., W.J., M.L., Daughters: L.F., L.J., H.P., A.P.,E.M.

MOTLEY, John (burned) 27, 1873 / Dec 8, 1873 Wife: Polly. Children: Patsy MOTLEY, wife of Marion MOTLEY; Frances GREATHOUSE, wife of William R. GREATHOUSE, Eddy MOTLEY, Sampson MOTLEY, Matthew MOTLEY, James L. MOTLEY

MOTLEY, John A. Nov 11, 1887 / May 14, 1888 Sons: George W. MOTLEY, Eugene MOTLEY. Grandchildren: Henry E. EVANS, Porter D. EVANS, Laura M. EVANS, John L.W. EVANS, children of daughter Mary E. EVANS. Son-in-law: John L. EVANS.

MOTLEY, Lynn July 17, 1884 / no date Daughters: Patsey COOKSEY, Rebecca E. JOHNSON, Francis MOTLEY. Other Heirs ( no relationship given) Elizabeth HANLEY, Penny HARMON, Mary BUCKHANON, Nancy HARMON, James A. COSTELO.

MOTLEY, Matthew Aug 16, 1845 / Nov 1845 Wife: Pherriby. Sons: Matthew, William, Washington, Marion, Rheubin, John, Henry. Daughters: Theatas, Pherriby.

MOTLEY, Matthew Feb 18, 1868 / Mar 9, 1868 Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Edwin MOTLEY, Jose L. MOTLEY, Patsy G. MOTLEY, John B. MOTLEY, James A.J. MOTLEY, Lynn W. MOTLEY, Matthew C. MOTLEY, Lynn W. MOTLEY.

MOTLEY, Patsy May 11, 186? / May 4, 1863 Children: A.H. MOTLEY, P.J. MOTLEY, E.T. MOTLEY, E.P. MOTLEY, S.C. MOTLEY.

MOTLEY, Reubin Nov 18, 1863 / Mar 9, 1865 Wife: Laney. Children: Matthew, Isaac, Henry, John Finn MOTLEY.

MOTLEY, Zachariah Nov 1890 / Dec 8, 1890 Wife: Catharine. Children: John T., James V., Narcissa E., Olif M., Henry E., Charles. Brother: Henry T. MOTLEY.

MULLIGAN, Sarah L. July 2, 1891 / (burned) 11, 1893 Jane MULLIGAN (no relationship given)