ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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PAGE, John H., Apr 29, 18??, June 1878 (of the City of Louisville, in Jefferson Co, KY) Wife: Elizabeth J. PAGE. Children mentioned but not named.

PALMER, Ida Elisive July 31, 1897 / Apr 13, 1899 Children: Chesse Porter BURTON, Charles William PALMER.

PATTON, John July 14, 1855/Nov 10, 1856 Wife: Delila PATTON. Children: Lucy SEARS, Mary Belle Nancy OLIVER, John PATTON, James PATTON, Berry PATTON, Granville PATTON, Thornton PATTON, William PATTON.

PAYNE, Alfred May 17, 1848 / Jan 14, 1850 Daughter: Martha ANDERSON, widow of William M. ANDERSON.

PEARSON, John R. Jan 18, 1846 / Mar 9, 1846 Wife: Rebecca. Children given but not named.

PERRY, Rebecca A. June 27, 1885 / Jan 10, 1887 Widow of Aron PERRY. Mary F. LEWIS, wife of John LEWIS. Rebecca E. LEWIS, Riley LEWIS, Eugene LEWIS children of John and M.F. LEWIS. (no relationship given) John HENSON (no relationship given). Jane HENSON, (no relationship given). Brothers: Hiram O. CUSHENBERRY (dec'd), John P. CUSHENBERRY (dec'd).

PILAND, Thomas Apr 27, 1871/Apr 13, 1885 Wife: mentioned but not named. Thomas C. PILAND (no relationship given) Children mentioned but not named.

PINSON, O.H. Dec 31, 1857/Feb 28, 1859 Mother: Ruth PINSON. Brother: James W. PINSON. Josiah F. PINSON

PINSON, Zephaniah no date/July 4, 1833 Wife: Ruth PINSON. Heirs: James W. PINSON, Oliver H. PINSON. Levinia STOVALL, Josiah F. PINSON (no relationships given)

PITCHFORD, Cyrus Jan 5, 1869/Mar 8, 1869 Wife: Mary A. PITCHFORD. Son: Joel F. PITCHFORD.

PITCHFORD, Daniel, Sr., Jan 29, 1842/1843 Son: Cyrus PITCHFORD, John PITCHFORD. William D. PITCHFORD, Augustine PITCHFORD, Daniel PITCHFORD, Eli PITCHFORD, James PITCHFORD, Flem (burned) PITCHFORD, Joel PITCHFORD. Daus: Rebecca WILLIAMS, wife of Zeb WILLIAMS; Sarah McCLURE, wife of Manley McCLURE, Amelia PITCHFORD.

PITCHFORD, Eli Jan 13, 1836/Apr 11, 1836 Lawful heir: Daniel PITCHFORD, Orange D. PITCHFORD, Sarah PITCHFORD, Rebecca MANION, Camilla PITCHFORD. Frances HOWARD wife of John HOWARD. Livey FINCH wife of Bolden FINCH.

PITCHFORD, Jane E. Sept 1874/Jan 11, 1875 Theo PITCHFORD. M.C. AUSTIN. John T. AUSTIN. ( no relationships given)

POE, Benjamin May 19, 1839/Dec 1839 Wife: Patsy POE. Sons: Johnson POE, William POE. Dau: Polly STINSON, Lydia DILLION dec'd.. Grandchildren: J.E. (others missing)

POE, Johnson, Sr., and Elizabeth, his wife Mar 17, 1858/Feb 1859 Eight children mentioned. Sons: Amos POE, Stephen POE.

POE, William Feb 21, 1855 / June 11, 1855 Wife: Delana. Daughter: Feraruba POE. Son: William, his son William F. POE. Other children mentioned but not named.

POPE, Nathan Kinsley Mar 28, 1872/Mar 1874 Wife: Martha. Dau: Pertina P. DIXON, Elizabeht WRIGHT (now in TX), Caroline WRIGHT dec'd & her five children, Henrietta PESTOL, Ofela KERLEY, Griffin WRIGHT, Magga & Molly WRIGHT; Youngest Daughter & her 4 children (not named), Carol (burned) children. Son: J.C. POPE (now of MO), D.F. POPE. William R. POPE.

POPE, Richard Oct 1, 1829 property appraised.

PORTER, Edward Aug 6, 1841/Dec 20, 1841 Wife: Mary PORTER. Grandchildren: James, Jane, Edward, Richard, Mary FISHER, Ann E (burned) FRANCES, Katherine & Martha Frances NEALE (burned) of William P. NEALE and Katherine S. NEALE late PORTER. Son: Luther PORTER, George William PORTER. Dau: Eliza A. PORTER, Zero REDM(burned), Mary Frances PORTER. Grandson: James M. NEALE.

POWELL, John G. Jan 18, 1860/Feb 5, 1868 (of Madison Co, MS) Brother: William W. POWELL Aunts: Mary T. DU(burned), Sarah A. KENEDY. Uncle: Hobson POWELL (Heirs in KY)

PRUITT, Abraham Oct 21, 1856 / Nov 1856 Wife: Nancy. Son: William Daughters: Paralee PRUITT, Letty CORNWELL, Pashey CORNWELL. Four youngest children: George, William, Manday, Talitha.

PRUITT, Alfred Jan 16, 1882/Sept 13, 1886 Wife: Emeline PRUITT. Son: W.R. PRUITT. DaugGhter-in-law: Sallie wife of S.W. PRUITT, Delia wife of W.R. PRUITT. Dau: Adam(?) F. FOLLIS. Granddaughter: Ade(burned) now SKINNER (?).

PRUITT, Mary J. Apr 3, 1902 / May 14, 1902 Mrs. Nancy A. PRUITT, wife of R.W. PRUITT. (no relationship given)

PRUITT, William June 24, 1857 / Feb 1860 Wife: Elizabeth. First Children: Moses B. PRUITT, William J. PRUITT, Obed PRUITT, Jesse PRUITT. Three living children of son Rolly PRUITT (dec'd), Malinda Jane, Mary Frances, Sally Green.

PULLIAM, B.J. Sept 16, 1891 / 1892 Sister: Agens HALL\

PULLIAM, Benjamin H. Mar 14, 1850 / Oct 13, 1851 Sister: Lucinda VENABLE, her daughter Mary Mundora VENABLE. Brother and sisters of Mary Mundora VENABLE mentioned by not named. Joseph VENABLE, father of Mary.

PULLIAM, Henry C. Jan 20, 1869 / Jan 28, 1869 William P. PULLIAM, William PULLIAM, Emily HARSTON, named but no relation given. Grandson: John BURTON, his father John BURTON.

PULLIAM, Mary, Mrs., June 24, 1892/No date Husband: H.C. PULLIAM. Dau: Grace PULLIAM, Mrs. Mary P. JOHNSON. Son: Paul PULLIAM, Harry C. PULLIAM, Ellis PULLIAM, Jak(burned).

PULLIAM, Robert F. June 17, 1867/July 8, 1868 Wife: Eveline PULLIAM.

PULLIAM, William Apr 25, 1851 / July 14, 1851 Wife: Mary G. Her father: Jesse CURD. Sons: William P. PULLIAM, Henry C. PULLIAM, Benjamin PULLIAM, George PULLIAM . Daughters: Malinda HAINES, Frances DODD, Elizabeth READ, Sarah PULLIAM, Lucinda HEETER.

PULLIAM, William P. Feb 14, 1891/Mar 9, 1891 Dau: Henrietta BURTON wife of L.J. BURTON.

PULLIAM, William T. Feb 5, 1863 / Apr 6, 1863 Father: Benjamin PULLIAM. Sisters: George Ann PULLIAM, Elizabeth N. EVERETT, Frances A.(burned), (burned) MARTIN, Lucinda M. CLAYPOOL, Virginia S. PULLIAM. Brother: Catlett D. PULLIAM.

PULLIN, John Mar 3, 1832/July 1834 Wife: Rachel. Children: Anny SEARS, Elizabeth PULLIN, Mary PULLIN, John PULLIN, Venent PULLIN, James PULLIN, Sarah PULLIN.