ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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RAILEY, John Nov 8, 1884/May 28, 1891 Wife: mentioned but not named. Son: Larkin S. RAILEY, Samuel J. RAILEY, Dau: Elizabeth STRAIT. Other children mentioned but not named.

RATHER, James July 14, 1888/Dec 11, 1889 Wife: Sarah RATHER. Eliza HINTON( no relationship given). Children: William L. RATHER, Jesse L. RATHER, Stephen BLACKBURN dec'd husband of daughter Francis BLACKBURN. Other children mentioned but not named.

RAY, Mary Feb 13, 1826, settlement of estate.

READ, George D., May 29, 1873/Oct 12, 1896 Son: Marcellus E. READ, Emery H. READ. Six other children mentioned but not named.

READ, George D., Sept 12, 1891/Jan 11, 1896 Wife: Frances B. READ. Dau: Alice C., Dony B.. Bill M. KELSEY son of E.L. KELSEY.

READ, Robert C. Mar 15, 1853/May 1856 Wife: Nancy READ. Dau: Rebekah READ, Mary Frances READ. Other Children: Hannah F. GRAVES, heirs of Richard C. READ dec'd, John J(burned) READ, Lucy Ann CLARK, heirs of Kitty Virginia CARLOCK dec'd, Absinth(?) HEAVINGTON, Thomas G. READ.

READ, Samuel J. Jan 26, 1885 / Jan 13, 1890 Wife: Eliza Jane. Sons: Joseph A., Samuel J., William H. Daughters: Mary L. WELCH, Elizabeth C. PAGE. Son-in-law:W.W. PAGE. Grandson: Arthur ROGERS, son of deceased daughter Margette E. ROGERS.

RICHEY, William Jan 29, 1891/Oct 10, 1892 Wife: Sarah RICHEY, Son: John RICHEY. Other children mentioned but not named.

RICKMAN, Elizabeth Apr 4, 1892 / Apr 11, 1892 Emmer D. HINTON, Dora May HINTON ( no relationship given) Sister: Sallie RICKMAN.

RICKMAN, Elizabeth Sept 29, 1879/Nov 10, 1879 wife of Thomas RICKMAN. Dau at home: Elizabeth RICKMAN, Sally RICKMAN, Martha STOVALL

RICKMAN, Thomas June 7, 1864/ Oct 1864 Wife: Elizabeth RICKMAN. Daus: Elizabeth, Sally, Martha . Son: Major RICKMAN, Granddaughter: Elizabeth Jane RICKMAN. Children: Nancy WEATHERSPOON, John RICKMAN's heirs, Thomas RICKMAN, James RICKMAN, Henry RICKMAN, William RICKMAN ( no relationships given)

RIPLEY(RIPPY), Sarah proved Aug 11, 1851

RITCHEY, John Sept 11, 1831/Oct 17, 1831(or 1834) Wife: Rachel RITCHEY

RITCHEY, Samuel Apr 28, 1830/Sept 20, 1830 Son: Henry RITCHEY, Alexander RITCHEY Dau: Margaret RITCHEY

ROARK, William Feb 11, 1832/Mar 1832 Wife: Sarah ROARK. Children: John ROARK, Levy ROARK, Joseiah ROARK, Elijah ROARK, Joel ROARK. Deceased daughters: Sarah POE, Marah DRIVER.

ROARK, William Mar Term 1832

ROBERTSON/ROBINSON, Jordon Sept 5, 1872/June 1888 (both surnames given in will) Wife: Frances. Six Daus: Eliza BARNET, Manad GRAHAM, Nancy Bradley CALAHAM, Helen M. MARKHAM, Lucinda Martin ROBERTSON, Elizabeth(burned) ROBERTSON. Two sons: John W. , Josephus ROBERTSON.

RUSSELL, John Mar 17, 1894/June 11, 1894 Wife: Louiza RUSSELL. Children: Drusilla McELROY, Joanna TOW, George P. RUSSELL, Elminer OLIVER.