ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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SEARS, Francis June 29, 1833/Oct 1833 Children: Frances CUSHENBURY, John SEARS, Robert SEARS, Samuel SEARS, Nancy SEARS, Albert SEARS, Mary An SEARS, Manda Jane SEARS, Joseph M. SEARS

SEARS, James J. Aug 4, 1882 / Aug 14, 1882 Nephew: James C. STEPHENS. Sisters: Elizabeth PATTON, Nancy A. JOHNSON, Matilda B. FRANCIS, Orilla A. FRANCIS, Mary MOREHEAD

SEARS, Joseph J. Nov 11, 1832/Dec 1832 Wife: Nancy. Dau: Nancy.

SEARS, Richard Dec 1831 Wife: Elizabeth SEARS.

SEARS, Robert Sale of estate Dec 27, 1832

SEARS, THOMAS, Sr. July Term 1825 Heirs: Zachariah and Malicera(?) infant children of Elizabeth SEARS daughter to dec'd. William SEARS. Walker SEARS. Mariah PULLIAM infant child of John PULLIAM.

SEARS, William Feb 27, 1859 / Oct 14, 1867 Wife: Mary. Daughters: Nancy W. SEARS, Mariah Jane SEARS, Elizabeth H. CLAYPOOL, Sarah A. MAINER, Lutitia W. RECTOR. Son-in-laws: Stephen CLAYPOOL, William RECTOR.

SEAY, Joseph R., Sept 3, 1896/Oct 12, 1896 Children mentioned but not given.

SEMANDS, William Jan 27, 1877/May 1877 Wife: Jane SEMANDS. Son: Benjamin T. SEMANDS, James H. SEMANDS, Edward SEMANDS, Alfred B. SEMANDS. Dau: Permelia J. BROWN, Mary H. SEMANDS, Martha A. SEMANDS.

SHERRY, John Apr 12, 1852 / Oct 11, 1852 Wife: Winney. Niece: Isbell SHERRY. Lawful heirs of wife's body: Ross MOOR's heirs, Sally LIGHTFOOT, Reubin SHERRY, William SHERRY's heirs, Frances SENEAS (?) heirs.

SHIELDS, Elijah Oct 18, 1855/Oct 1861 Dau: Mary Malinda MAYHEW. Brother: Thomas SHIELDS

SHIPLEY, Robert Mar 11, 1825, Sale of estate.

SLATE, William C. Sep 25, 186 / Sep 12, 1887 Wife: Mary J. Son: Raymond SLATE. Daughters mentioned but not named.

SLATEN, Cullen H. May 24, 1863/June 8, 1863 R.L. MAYHEW (relationship not given) Father mentioned but not named. Daniel HUNTSMAN and Peter HUNTSMAN(no relationships given).

SLOAN, Benjamin Apr 10 1894 / May 1902 Wife: Amanda Jane. Son: Sampson.

SMITH, Drury Jun 12, 1820

SMITH, George W. May 6, 1855/May 14, 1855 Little Daus: Elenar Pitts, Malissa Green

SMITH, John, Sr Feb 13, 1832/Mar 1832 Wife: Sally. Son: Sanford SMITH.

SMITH, William May 25, 1832/Oct 1833 Wife: Polly SMITH.

SPEARS, Thompson Jan 4, 1871/July 10, 1871 Wife: Malissa A. SPEARS. Children by her: Charles J., Edward T., Nancy C., Lydia A.V. SPEARS. Seven children by first marriage: David R., Daniel W., Martha B. DALTON, Emily F. MITCHELL, James A. SPEARS, Susan C. MATTHEWS, William R. SPEARS dec'd.

SPEARS, William W. Mar 12, 1879/No date Wife: Luann. Dau: Lurana F. MEDDOW. Son: William Stovall SPEARS. Eleven remaining Children( but only names 10): Robert R. SPEARS, William S. SPEARS, Samuel A. SPEARS, Granville J. SPEARS, Fountain J. SPEARS, Squir B. SPEARS, Virgil B. SPEARS, Loover L. SPEARS, Elizabeth SPEARS, Par(burned) J. SPEARS. Thirteen children to divide estate.

SPENCER, John Oct 12, 1843/Feb 9, 1846 Wife: Cloe SPENCER. William SPENCER, Betsy RITCHEY,Louisa F. RITCHEY (no relationship given)

SPENCER, William June 4, 1864/Feb 1, 1868 Wife: Martha N. SPENCER. Son: William P. , John W. SPENCER. Dau: Dorinda WEATHERSPOON wife of Ewing WEATHERSPOON, Edna JOHNSONwife of Thomas J. JOHNSON. Grandsons: Robert Joshua SPENCER, William Thomas SPENCER, children of son John W. SPENCER. Granddau: Eliza Jane WEATHERSPOON.

SPILLMAN, James Sept 21, 1828/Oct 20, 1828 Wife: Polly SPILLMAN. Children mentioned but not named.

SPILLMAN, Thomas June 1825 Sale of estate.

STARK, Frances Ann No date. James STARK appointed administrator.

STARK, James T., Aug 12, 1892/Aug 9, 1894 Wife: Mary J. STARK. Children wife Mary mentioned. Son: Charles B. STARK, by former wife. Son: Thomas J. STARK, George Robert STARK. John C. STARK (no relationship given)

STARK, Jeremiah, Mrs Sept 19, 1827

STARK, Mary J., July 26, 1897/Nov 8, 1897 Sons: F (T?).J. STARK, J.C. STARK, Garnett STARK, Leon STARK, Karl STARK, Fay STARK. Dau: Mary E. BUCKHANNON

STARK, Samuel Whitney Mar 5, 1853 / Oct 1853 Brothers: Jeremiah D. STARK, James M. STARK. Sister: Kitty Ann E. PORTER.

STARK, William July 18, 1825 Thomas THRACKILL, guardian for heirs of William Stark.

STEPHENS, Alexander Dec 27, 1851 / Mar 1852 Wife: Mary Catherine. Son: John Crittenden (infant)

STEPHENS, Robert No date/Nov 8, 1852 Wife: Peggy STEPHENS. Three children not named.

STEPHENS, W. Willis Apr 8, 1848/Nov 13, 1848 Wife: Mary STEPHENS. Children: Virginia Thomas STEPHENS, Matilda Elizabeth STEPHENS, America Jane STEPHENS.

STEWART, Charles Henry, June 6, 1859/June 1859 Brother: Frank, David, James, William, Andrew, Marion STEWART. Sister: Betsy, Polly STEWART, Julia MARCUM her oldest boy William Taylor STEWART. Father mentioned but not named.

STEWART, James July 21, 1855 (?)/ June 10, 1863 Wife: mentioned but not named. Charles Henry STEWART, Franklin STEWART, James Butler STEWART (no relationship given)

STONE, John May 4, 189(burned)/Nov 14, 1898 Wife: Sallie A. STONE. Child: A.G. STONE 9 yrs old. Two children: Thomas STONE, Bettie Oliver now STONE ( must be Bettie STONE, now OLIVER).

STONE, William H. Aug 20, 1873/Jan 14, 1878 Wife: Mary STONE. Dau: Rebecca E. THOMPSON, Emily J. (burned), Mary T. ALLEN. Son: James E. STONE. "Interested parties summoned: Rebecca THOMPSON, George THOMPSON, E.J. CUMMINS, Charles CUMMINS, Mary T. ALLEN, T.J. ALLEN, J.C. STONE, Geo F. STONE, R.L. STONE, S.C. BLANKENSHIP, Jos. B. BLANKENSHIP, J.R. STONE, C.E. STONE, N.M. STONE, D.R. STONE, M.J. STONE, W.D. STONE, L.D. STONE, R.P. STONE, E. STONE, Mary STONE, A.M. ALEXANDER appointed guardian for infant or minor children: R.L. STONE, S.B. STONE, J.R. STONE, C.B. STONE, N.M. STONE, D.R. STONE, and (burned) STONE.

STOVALL, Daniel Apr 8, 1880 / June 9, 1884 Wife: Lucinda E. Children of Lucinda: Henry L. STOVALL, Sally M. STOVALL. Other children: John L. STOVALL, Raleigh STOVALL, William H. STOVALL, Charles J. STOVALL, Joseph F. STOVALL (dec'd), Samuel S. STOVALL (dec'd), Mary E. STOVALL now OLIVER

STOVALL, George May 20, 1835/Jan 1841 Wife: Elizabeth. Niece: Susannah WILLIAMS.

STOVALL, James Apr 1, 1884 / Apr 1, 1892 Wife: Mary Jane. Daughters: Susan Jane LEE, Malinda RICKMAN, Mary E. STOVALL, Lucy STOVALL, Betsy STOVALL, Nancy STOVALL. Sons: Jesey E. STOVALL, Robert STOVALL.

STRAIT, David Sept 5, 1842 / Dec 1842 Wife: Charlotte. Sons: Hozea H. STRAIT, James William STRAIT, David Betheul STRAIT, Perry P. STRAIT. Daughters: Nancy BILLINGSLY (heirs of), Emeline Amanda STRAIT.

SUPINGEAR, Jacob Sept 21, 1888/Nov 11, 1889 James SUPINGEAR son of Aberham SUPINGER. James E. HILL, Isaac HILLS sons of John Hill Nephew: John J. HILL son of Anney HILL. Three Children of Nathan & Lavona A. SKAGGS. Nancy AGEE. Catherine MOTLEY wife of L.W. MOTLEY. Sarah SLEDGE wife of George SLEDGE.

SUPINGER, Christopher Dec 27, 1832 Wife: Mary.

SUTTON, Thomas Nov 7, 1844/Dec 1844 Dau: Helen. Son: Willis M. SUTTON, O.H.P. SUTTON. Other children mentioned but not named.