ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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TABOR, Isaac Jan 3, 1842 / Nov 1844 Wife: Louisa. Sons: William, Elisha. Granddaughter: Rachel, daughter of Mary TABOUR. Daughters: Frances, Pheobe.

TABOR, Rebecca Aug 4, 1879/Aug 11, 1890 Sister: Mary F. READ. Heirs of George TABOR, dec'd.

TALLEY, Obadiah No date/Jan 8, 1872 Wife: Mary M. TALLEY. Children mentioned but not named.

TAYLOR, John Dec 13, 1867/June 12, 1876 Wife: Sary TAYLOR. Her sister Susan LAMB. Dau: Mary J. SHERRY's children; Sary M. RATHER's children; Nancy LOGAN wife of Robert J. LOGAN; Susan WADE wife of James WADE. Sary Ellen TAYLOR, daughter of deceased son James TAYLOR. Son: Lyttleton TAYLOR, Albert TAYLOR, Nathaniel TAYLOR.

TAYLOR, Mark July 28, 1884/July 21, 1885 Wife: Frances TAYLOR. Minor heirs mentioned but not named.

THACKER, William D. Oct 19, 1891/May 13, 1895 Wife: Dotia. Son: A.B. , C.T.,& W.C. THACKER. Six lawful heirs mentioned but no names.

THACKSTON, Zaddock B. Dec 8, 1849 / Feb 9, 1852 Grandson: Robert P. THACKSTON. Sons: Blake, Paul. Daughter: Mary.

THOMAS, John H., Mar 30, 1871/Nov 1883 Wife: Pamelia F. THOMAS. Son: James T. THOMAS, Jesse S. THOMAS, John W. THOMAS, Joseph K. THOMAS. Dau: Mahala Frances WRATHER wife of William WRATHER, Delany Bennett LAMB.

THOMAS, John Mar 2, 1850/June 1856 Dau: Polly THOMAS

THOMPSON, Balaam Mar term 1838; Sally Thompson and John Thompson mentioned as administrators.

THOMPSON, William M., Jan 24, 1893/Apr 10, 1893 Nephew: Moses THOMPSON. Brother: S.J. THOMPSON. James & Elizabeth (burned). Nettie THOMPSON. Sammie THOMPSON. (no relationships given)

THORNTON, John Aug 15, 1881/ July 1883 Wife: Clarissa THORNTON. Grandchildren: Mary E. and Charles HICKMAN (Richard W. HICKMAN given as their guardian).

TILLY, Pascal H. Sept 5, 1854 / Oct 23, 1854 Son: John. Wife and other children mentioned but not named.

TINSLEY, Moses Jan 17, 1889/May 10, 1898 Son: Lanny J. TINSLEY, W.R. TINSLEY, M.M. TINSLEY & wife S.E. TINSLEY. Dau: M.E. YORK, M.E. DURHAN

TRACY, Sarah, June 22, 1867/Sept 9, 1867 Husband: Michel TRACY. His daughters: Almarinda TRACEY, Elizabeth E. TRACY, Emline TRACY, Lu(burned) F. TRACY. Frances BOHANNON (no relationship given) J.M. JONES(no relationship given)

TRAVIS, John Dec 15, 1828 Wife: Susan TRAVIS. James TRAVIS, Jr.