ALLEN COUNTY Wills and Settlements 1840-1902 (ABSTRACTS)
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WADE, George P. Apr 19, 1887/Dec 1888 Wife: Rececca WADE. Cousin: Frank P. WADE. Mother: Eliza J. WADE. Four single sisters: Sarah E., Eliza J., Ella, Lillie D. WADE. Brother: William D. WADE.

WADE, John Aug 7, 1878/Oct 14, 1878 Wife: Anny WADE.

WADKINS, Jerome May 4, 1874/Nov 12, 1877 Wife: Louisa WADKINS. Children of first wife: Alfred WADKINS, her son, her daughter E(burned) PRUITT, Sarah A. STRAIN.

WADKINS, Joseph R. May 28, 1896/July 13, 1896 Dau: Sarah MILLER

WADKINS, Thomas C. Mar 20, 186? / May 11, 1868 Wife: Sidney Ann. Sons: John Milton, James M. Jerome, Robert S. Daughters: Sarah E., Laruetta B.

WAGGLE, Abraham, Mar 5, 1882/May 1882 Wife: Elizabeth WAGGLE.

WAGONER, George June 22, 1854 / Oct 9, 1954 Wife: Sally. Daughters: Agnes WAGONER, Sally DODD, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Fanny GUY(dec'd), Polly MAYHEW (dec'd). Sons: David WAGONER, John W. WAGONER, William L. WAGONER. Grandson: William GUY.

WALKER, A.S. Dec 20, 1882 / Feb 11, 1884 Wife: M.M. Children: W.V. WALKER, E.G. WALKER, Sarah HOWELL, David C. WALKER, Martha FUQUA, Robert WALKER, John H. WALKER, J.B. WALKER, A.S. WALKER,Jr, Mary G. PATTON, Melvina J. FUQUA.

WARDEN, Elisha Sept 6, 1832/Jan 1836 Wife: Fanny WARDEN. Children mentioned but not named.

WARDEN, Fanny Apr 12, 1859/Mar 13, 1876 Son: William WARDEN. Daus: Elizabeth, S.A. WARDING, F.A. WARDEN, Polly.

WARDEN, James Mar 4, 1842/Mar 1842 Wife: Rebecca. Heirs mentioned but not given.

WARDEN, John Nov 12, 1844/Dec 9, 1844 Wife: Martha. Children: Mary Frances, Charles Newman, Nancy Jane, Emily Ann, Jeremiah Jet, Julia Ann, Lucinda Elizabeth, Jas. William, Susan Martha.

WATSON, Rebecca Aug 13, 1855 / Oct 1, 1855 Grandson: B.F. P. PARKE

WEATHERSPOON, Hardy Mar 12, 1854 / no date Wife: Martha Ann E . Daughters: Penelope LANDERS, Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY, Katherine COLEMAN, Nancy CLINE, Malinda HENDERSON, Cyrena DAVIS, Mary W. WEATHERSPOON.Children of Simeon WEATHERSPOON: Elizabeth MOTLEY, Penelope WEATHERSPOON, Simeon WEATHERSPOON. Sons: Simpson S. WEATHERSPOON, John WEATHERSPOON, N.O WEATHERSPOON, Joseph H. WEATHERSPOON.

WEATHERSPOON, Simeon July 1, 1840 / July 1846 Wife: Nancy.

WEAVER, Joel Apr 21 (burned)/ July 11, 1881 Wife: Nancy

WEAVER, W.T. May 6, 1891 / Aug 16, 1896 Wife: Amanda H.

WEAVER, William Jan 23, 1828/Nov 9, 1846 Wife: Elizabeth WEAVER. Children mentioned but not named.

WELCH, Thomas Dec Term 1824 Wife: Polly WELCH.

WHITLOW, Jesse W., Oct 28, 1879/Apr 1880 Wife: Permelia. Son: Calvin A. WHITLOW Other Children: (burned) M. WHITLOW, Sarah F. OLIPHANT, William B. WHITLOW, Malissa (burned) THOMAS, Margaret J. LEWIS, Nancy E. WHITLOW, Jesse N. WHITLOW, Thomas G. WHITLOW.

WHITNEY, Emeline May 2, 1865/May 27, 1865 Husband: Herman WHITNEY. Sally P. HOLDER and her heirs.(no relationship given) Brother: John HOLDER. D.M. DORTER(?)(no relationship given). Margaret AUSTIN (no relationship given)

WHITNEY, Herman Nov 14, 1871/Feb 1876 Lucinda FULCHER (burned) of H.H. FULCHER. Sarah P. MITCHELL wife of F.G. MITCHELL ( no relationships given). Brothers: William WHITNEY, Reavis WHITNEY.

WHITNEY, Jeremiah Feb 6, 1827/Mar 1827 Wife: Mary. Children: John G. WHITNEY, Samuel WHITNEY, Simon WHITNEY, Anny ASHFORD, Elizabeth WHITNEY, Susannah WHITNEY, Agnes Ann WHITNEY, Mary WHITNEY, Jeremiah WHITNEY, Leoammi (?) WHITNEY, James G. WHITNEY, Uriah WHITNEY.

WHITNEY, Simeon Apr 10, 1863 / Jun 4, 1863 Wife: Sarah Eliza. Children mentioned but not named.

WHITNEY, Uriah Aug 29, 1879 / Oct 11, 1880 Wife: Berthena. Daughter: Louisa WHITNEY and her mother.

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth M., No date/Jan 13, 1857 Sister: Irene Jane WILLIAMS. Brother: Isaac N. WILLIAMS. Heir of Langston WILLIAMS.

WILLIAMS, George W. Oct 2, 1875/Mar 1876 Wife: Matilda WILLIAMS. Son: G.W. WILLIAMS, Jr. Dau: Sarah P. WILLIAMS. Nine other children mentioned but not named.

WILLIAMS, John E., Oct 30, 1873/Nov 1873 Wife: Mary F. WILLIAMS. Brother: Joseph B. WILLIAMS.

WILLIAMS, Langston, Aug 18,1840 / Sept 1840 Wife: Ruthy. Black man Lewis. Youngest children: Elizabeth M. WILLIAMS, Isaac N. WILLIAMS, James F. WILLIAMS, and Irene Jane WILLIAMS. Daughters: Sally THOMPSON, Nancy WRIGHT, Rebecca RAGLAND, Fanny WILLIAMS. Sons: George W. WILLIAMS, Benjamin H. WILLIAMS, Thomas T. WILLIAMS, and Richard H. WILLIAMS.

WILLIAMS, Ralph Feb 2, 1874 / Sept 14, 1874 Wife: Francis. Children: Eliza SEWARD, Robert WILLIAMS, Elizabeth M. SMITH, Sarah S. RATHER, Francis J. BRACKIN, Lemuel C. SHERRY, Mary TAYLOR, J.S. WILLIAMS. Grandson, Willis M. BURTON.

WILLMOTT, Richard Mar term 1834 Wife: Eleanor WILLMOT.

WILLOBY, Solomon Oct 15, 1825 / Dec 19, 1825 Wife: Sarah. Daughters: Tempy HINTON, Elizabeth HOOD, Lany REAVIS, Patsy LANDERS Son: Samuel WILLOBY

WILLOUGHBY, Samuel Jan 4, 1861 / Mar 1863 Wife: Martha. Sons: Hinton WILLOUGHBY, Reubin WILLOUGHBY, Calvin J. WILLOUGHBY, Solomon WILLOUGHBY, Joseph WILLOUGHBY, Atwood WILLOUGHBY, John N. WILLOUGHBY. Daughters: Louisa WILLOUGHBY, Patsy MOTLEY, Elizabeth AYERS, Ann E. AYERS, Zerilda KIRKHAM, Frances WILLOUGHBY

WILLOUGHBY, Vincent Apr 6, 1855 / June 14, 1855 Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Williams WILLOUGHBY, John M. WILLOUGHBY, Aron A. WILLOUGHBY, Hardy S. WILLOUGHBY, Hiram E. WILLOUGHBY, Francis M. WILLOUGHBY, James E. WILLOUGHBY. Daughters: Permelia Jane WILLOUGHBY, Nancy Ellen WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth F. WILLOUGHBY, Drucilla WILLOUGHBY, Mary K. WILLOUGHBY, Olive B. WILLOUGHBY, Cirena E. WILLOUGHBY, Malinda Susan WILLOUGHBY.

WILLOUGHBY, Wm. W. Dec 20, 1888 / Feb 11, 1889 Wife: Sally. Sons: John W., Doctor Armstrong. Daughters: Donney Bell, Ida Florence.

WILLS, John Aug 12, 1824 Mrs. Eliza WILLS.

WILSON, Benjamin P. Apr 4, 1877/May 14, 1877 Wife: mentioned but not named. Children: Fanny, James W. WILSON, Lucinda M. TERRELL, Alfred T., George Y. WILSON, James M. WILSON.

WILSON, G. Apr 1831

WITHERSPOON, Lucinda May 6, 1890 / July 13, 1891 Martha E. DAUGHTRY ( no relationship given). Emily DEARING's four children: Robert DEARING, W.G. Dearing, Sarah J. TABOR, Ann Elizabeth WILLIAMS. S.J. WITHERSPOON's three children: Narcissa J. SHELTON, Martha PEARSON, Thomas M. WITHERSPOON. Eliza Jane SPENCER's four children: J(burned) SPENCER, Major SPENCER, Ewing SPENCER, William SPENCER. Patsy Ann DEARING (no relationship given) Ida B. GOODRUM (no relationship given)

WITHERSPOON, Major Mar 10, 1876/Aug 1876 Wife: Lucinda. My three children: Ewin WITHERSPOON, Samuel J. WITHERSPOON, Emily DEARING dec'd to her four children.

WITHERSPOON, Simeon T Feb 12, 1894 / Dec 10, 1894 Wife: Clearacy M. Grandchild: Hubert P. HILL.

WITT, James, Mar 19, 1886/Jan 14, 1889 Wife: Nancy E. WITT. Children: Elizabeth HOOD, Will WITT, S.J. WITT, John F. WITT, Luther K. WITT, Disney W. WITT. Sarah Emily TINSLEY (no relationship given)

WOOLEY, Jackson Sept 20, 1824

WRIGHT, Griffin Oct 5, 1843/Dec 11, 1843 Wife: Nancy WRIGHT. Children: first born Joseph L. WRIGHT, second Frances E. WRIGHT, third Lucinda J. WRIGHT.

WRIGHT, John Feb 13, 1844/May 18, 1849 Wife:mentioned but not named. Dau: Cynthia MOORE. Children: Phillip WRIGHT, James K. WRIGHT, Nancy BARNS, Jesse WRIGHT, Sally WRIGHT, Temperance SHERRY, Matilda TAYLOR, Washington W. WRIGHT, Wesley WRIGHT, William WRIGHT.

WRIGHT, Nancy V. Feb 1894 / Jun 11, 1894 Daughter: Lucinda J. DIXON. Francis E. BUTLER (no relationship given)