The Yessie Oliver Store was located on Highway 234 at what is now known as the L.C. Tabor farm. Mr. Yessie Oliver opened the store and post office in the 1920's. Horace Rector operated the store from the early 1930's until its closing in the mid 1930's. In 1936, Lewie and Josephine Conner, along with partners Hammie and Nellie Conner, reopened the store. The store, then called Conner and Conner Groceries, was operated by Lewie and Josephine. Lewie's first customer, Aubery Tabor, purchased a can of Clabber Girl Baking Powder. Lewie and Josephine later bought Hammie's half ownership of the store and operated it until 1938, at which time they sold the store to Mr. Virgil Tracy. In 1939, Lewie and Josephine Conner purchased the store again and operated it until 1941. They then sold the store to Hobart Taylor, who operated the store with his family until he sold it to Herman and Ruby Hardcastle in 1944. Jack and Marie Hargis purchased the store in 1948. They then sold it to Cardell and Katherine Tabor. Mr. and Mrs. Tabor closed the store in the early 50's. L.C. and Mildred Tabor then bought the building and surrounding farmland. The building has since been torn down. (Yessie Oliver Store shown above - drawn by Ryan Maynard )
These postcards are from the album of Eunice Pearl Oliver Cherry, niece of T.Y. and Anne Oliver. The two from Yessie KY were sent to Eunice Pearl Oliver in Jan and Oct of 1909 by Anne Oliver. (postcards provided by Owen Howard)