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1880 Allen County Kentucky District 3
This census was taken in June 1880 by W A Brown.
This transcription was made from the microfilm. It is obvious that
the microfilmed census is a copy of the original. The microfilm is
in poor shape and the handwriting is very difficult to read. It is
hard to distinguish an L from an S. Also there were problems with J, I and G.
Errors are known in this transcription, and it should be used as a guide only.
The microfilm should be checked to compare the interpretations
of the handwriting to what you think is written. The names have been
interpreted from the handwriting with no attempts at corrections.
Corrections on Dwelling numbers and Family numbers where it
was obviously in error. (number 167 between 176 and 178 etc) were made.
These corrections have been made with an *.

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